“We create luxury and valuable products that inspire and empower women with a unique sustainable lifestyle.”

Punch Co.co is a creative, exotic and sustainable essentials line that was born as an expansion of the sustainable swimwear label “Petite Terre” originally hailing from the French side of the Caribbean.

Our designs cleverly integrate handcrafted elements with simple, modern and functional shapes that totally meet the requirements and needs of both women and Nature. As a philosophy on conservation and consciousness, our concept is about adding value, and not simply minimising the damage being done.

Enabling positive consumption is first and foremost about Punch Co.co. Products that not only have a reduced footprint, but that enable people to reduce theirs. All materials are recycled, sustainably sourced and selected for their quality.

With this collection, we are bringing our values to your retail store with a complete ecosystem of products that are essential for HER.