We believe that a swimsuit is way more than beachwear. It represents the essential path for freedom, travel, relaxation and the best memories from our journey through different lands.

We are restless in our search to make this path last forever and to maintain the best memories of our lives concentrating our efforts towards on environmentally friendly swimsuits.

Originally hailing from the French Side of the Caribbean, Petite Terre islands are two of the most beautiful and peaceful islands in the world. Surrounded by warm lagoons, wild tropical landscape, they are protected by a large ecosystem.

A small slide of paradise where Petite Terre’s founder and designer started to dream about salty water adventures around the world by creating something unique inspired by the beauty of Earth.

Petite terre is a sustainable, creative, exotic and very detailed swimwear line made out of unique Italian recycled fabrics pursuing the finest quality while keeping a local and hand made production supporting the best artisans.

Our designs cleverly integrate handcrafted elements with simple, modern and functional shapes that totally meet the requirements and needs of today’s fashion world.

All Materials are recycled, sustainably sourced and selected for their quality. We are all about exclusive products including delicate lines, instant comfort, trendy fresh shades within the finest textures and glamour. styles.

Our products are imagined and inspired by the modern and confident woman that is seeking self expression within a strong adventurous soul and forever conscious about her natural environment.