In the past century, world population has reached 7.5 billion generating massive amount of waste.

Approximately 4 million tons of waste are produced every day and the fashion industry is the second worldwide most pollutant industry.

This amount of waste produced everyday ends in landfills, oceans or incinerators is threatening natural resources, wild and marine life around the globe.

As designers, we play an important role in creating a “closed loop” system of production and reducing the impact of clothing being part of a real environmental change.

  • Petite Terre “Reduces” the volume of worldwide waste by turning old waste sitting in our landfills and oceans into high quality products. The brand is also cutting unnecessary packaging and plastic consumption by using only natural, biodegradable or recycled packaging.

  • Petite Terre “Reuses” by turning old waste into new and beautiful swimwear in collaboration with ECONYL. Our fabrics are made from 78% recycled polyamide produced from old fishing nets and plastic bottles.

  • Petite Terre “recycles” : We make sure that all our products and packaging are designed to be recyclable avoiding anything to end up in landfills. Petite Terre would like to encourage YOU to be part of our global movement and get a discount coupon every time you send back an old swimsuits to ECONYL or to our head office (contact us via for more details).

With Petite Terre Swimwear, you contribute to :


Eliminate tons of worldwide waste


Save thousands barrels of crude oil avoiding extraction


Avoid thousands of CO2 emission


Preserve natural resources as well as wild and marine lives


Participate to the growing demand of sustainable fashion

We are aiming to make you feel far more than just a customer. To build a family of concerned individuals and contribute to a new kind of consumerism.
To live in a world where we are mindful of the delicate planet we live upon with our every act. Even if it is something as simple as purchasing a new swimsuit.

A swimsuit for you. A swimsuit for a better life.