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We are aiming to make you feel far more than just a customer. To build a family of concerned individuals and contribute to a new kind of consumerism.
To live in a world where we are mindful of the delicate planet we live upon with our every act. Even if it is something as simple as purchasing a new purse.

A conscious purse for you. A conscious purse for a better life.

Responsibility is an important part of our business at Punch Co.co . We are working hard to find solutions to the social and environmental challenges facing the fashion industry today – from our sourcing and to our retail offerings.

Our efforts are recognised by Positive Luxury. Positive Luxury celebrates brands that act with a deep respect for our world and generations to come, providing transparency through the interactive Butterfly Mark.

In the past century, world population has reached 7.5 billion generating massive amount of waste.

In a world facing serious environmental challenges, Punch Co.co is dedicated to redefining the system through women. As designers, we play an important role in creating a “closed loop” system of production and reducing the impact being part of a real environmental change.

A philosophy on conservation and consciousness giving women a chance to make a difference.

The Conscious Purse is a collection of sustainable kits connecting with our planet’s best practices empowering and inspiring women with a circular lifestyle by encouraging the redesign of life cycles so that all products are reused. No trash is sent to landfills or oceans.
The process is one similar to the way that resources are reused in Nature.

In addition to unique and sustainable products which reduce the environment footprint of our customers, all our packaging is made to be reused so that no trash is sent to our oceans; one of the natural resource we aim to protect.

Offering 100% sustainable products to present and future generations in a world that is constantly changing with growing populations and finite resources is our biggest responsibility.

Our ambitions and convictions are part of our vision to lead the change toward good lifestyle consumption.

Our sustainability report reflects on the eco system of our business

  • Governance & Transparency: Transparency is the key to building trust and credibility along our supply chain while empowering our business values and customers. Punch Co.co is committed to share all valuable information wherever possible regarding our products manufacturing, our environmental and social actions, our mission and objectives. Within strict governance standards including anti-corruption, non-discriminatory employment policies and ethics, our business is envisioned as a force for good. Our environmental and social standards are meeting the United Nations Sustainable goals.

  • Social framework: Punch Co.co was born for the people. Our main responsibility when creating unique products is to be committed to our community daily. Our company is transparent about its principles regarding human rights, labour, initiatives, ethics, health and safety of the people who work with us. We also partner with organizations and school to share our best practices with the young local community.

  • Environmental frameworkPunch Co.co can be described as an eco system. We are constantly searching and improving our company to become 100% Circular from choosing the right raw materials to minimising the waste created by our business and by our customers. We are working in collaboration with hotels, restaurants, and organization to share our actions in order to minimize their negative impacts. Our actions include: Waste management and collection in the villages of Bali, tree plantations, coral protection and plantation, school training and activities

  • Innovation: We believe that innovation is the key to achieving change. At Punch Co.co, we are constantly working to identify, invest and promote all types of sustainable innovations. We are using the latest fabric technologies and most natural packaging with lower environmental impact for our products and our customers.

  • Philanthropy: Punch Co.co is committed to collaborate with organizations from our community and around the world. Through our “Conscious Purse” Collection, we are dedicating each of our kit to a unique social or environmental organization part of our community. For each Conscious Purse kit sold online, we are offering another kit to the local community kids.

With Punch Co.co, you contribute to: 

Eliminate tons of worldwide waste

Preserve natural resources

Avoid thousands of CO2 emission

Giving quality education about waste to future generations

Make a difference